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Audio Environment - Airliner Edition



Audio Environment - Airliner Edition


Ambience with Attitude!

Upgrade your Flight Simulator X world with incredible new sound sets for the 737, 747, A320, CRJ and Learjet aircraft. PLUS your AI traffic will come alive with a life-like roar!

Flight1's 'Environment' range of titles for Microsoft's Flight Simulator series have been "must-have" add-ons for anyone who takes their flight simulation seriously. New clouds, new sea and water effects and ground textures that have won countless awards and taken people's breath away.

Now there comes an upgrade for Flight Simulator X that will blow your ears off!

Audio Environment totally transforms your flying experience: whether you're sitting on the ground listening to the aircraft around you or enroute at 30,000ft, FSX will sound like an all-new sim.

Add custom made, high quality stereo sound replacements to all your AI aircraft PLUS upgrade your airliners with fantastic sound sets for the 737, 747, A321, CRJ and Learjet aircraft. You can even install the new sounds into other aircraft you fly.

Hear the difference as you start the engines, with realistic spool-up and whine and feel the deep roar as you thunder down the runway - FSX will sound like an all-new sim!

Product Features

  • Fantastic replacement sound sets for FSX's default airliners: Boeing 737, 747, Airbus A321, Bombardier CRJ and the Learjet.
  • Install the new airliner sound sets to ANY aircraft!
  • A whole suite of improved AI Traffic sounds, which now have realistic startup, shutdown, spool-up, taxi, takeoff and shut down sounds. Close your eyes and it will sound like a real airport!
  • All sound effects are custom made for inside and outside viewing positions.
  • Stereo sound cones take advantage of the new sound features in FSX. Airports come to life as AI aircraft arrive and depart.
  • Other AI traffic programs that use the FSX default sounds can also benefit from the Audio Environment upgrade.
  • The Configuration Manager backs up and restores your current sound files so you can update or change your AI package and easily install the airliner sound packages to your selected aircraft.
  • AI Traffic sounds are compatible with all the popular AI Traffic packages: Ultimate Traffic 2, Ultimate Traffic 2007, My Traffic X (all current versions released up to January 2010 - excluding Lite), MyTraffic 2010, Traffic X and of course the FSX default AI traffic.

Developed by Turbine Sound Studios in association with Flight1, this audio upgrade to FSX will transform your simulation experience like never before.


"So when it is all said and done, how does it sound? It sounds very good! From the time you engage the starter, to the sound of the engines spooling down, each of the user aircraft sounds are an enormous improvement over the default." - PC Pilot Issue 69. Rating: 95% - This review has been made available by kind permission of PC Pilot.  Download and read a PDF of the PC Pilot review here. For more information about PC Pilot magazine please visit

You can also read an Avsim review here.

Product Videos

Demonstration of a couple of aircraft and AI sounds taken from the product. This video was used to accompany the review in PC Pilot magazine issue 69, Sept/Oct 2010. The review gave the product 95% and a classic product award.
Video created by Tony Radmilovich of PC Pilot magazine and uploaded with their kind permission.


These other two videos demonstrate the sound sets further, although they were made before the FREE sound update pack was released. You must have the product installed to be able to use the update. Since releasing the original Audio Environment: Airliner Edition we had a few responses pointing out that that the sound levels of the AI aircraft when heard from inside the cockpit - whilst completely realistic - are a little quiet.  To keep our customers happy, we have been slaving away tweaking hundreds of sound files to give a special update for users who wish to hear the product in all its glory from within the cockpit and ALSO added other enhancement to the AI traffic sounds when heard from spot view. These updates are totally FREE to existing users.

AI Sounds

Flyable aircraft sound sets


FS Compatibility - System Requirements

For Microsoft Flight Simulator X.

Windows  7, Vista or XP
Sound card is required. May not be compatible with on-board sound chips
Processor - 2.8 GHz
Memory - 1 Gb RAM
Hard Drive - 2.7GB free
Video Card - 256 Mb

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This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 08 April, 2010.

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