Coolsky DC-9 Classic review

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Aerosoft Sim News web site have published a very comprehensive review of the Coolsky DC-9 Classic. Read the review here.

The Coolsky DC-9 Classic box front.The ASN review is so long that the reviewer has included a table of contents to help find your way through it.

The reason for the length of the review is the amount of features in the product itself. It is not just another aircraft, it is an extensive training package covering every aspect of the simulated aircraft, normal and non-normal procedures and even includes a radio navigation trainer live in the cockpit teaching you how to fly your route while you are in the air and interacting with the navigation instruments and beacons around you. What better way to spend your cruise time than learning more about navigation. There is also a training section showing you how to use the training!

Schematics show you the system changes as you flick a switch. Spoken checklists, speedcards, over 200 working circuit breakers, incredible systems simulation to do everything by the book or use automatic configuration for any stage of flight so you can literally just jump in and fly without worrying about any systems or switches at all.

A comprehensive suite of customisable failures including bird strikes, fire, smoke in the cockpit and much, much more will make sure you NEVER have a dull moment if you decide to turn failures on.

With a basic Sperry Autopilot and radio navigation to get you from A to B, this is an aircraft you have to fly yourself, not just sit in the flight deck and watch it being flown by a Flight Management System!

See, even the news item about a review has to be long, because there is so much to say about the DC-9 Classic!

The DC-9 Classic is currently available for download from the Flight1 web site with a boxed release due around Christmas/New Year.

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