X-Plane 10 high resolution scenery video

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If you are one of the people who have tried opening X-Plane 10 and been put off by the complexity of setting it up, you will be pleased to know that the NEW user interface is being reworked with a quick flight screen. This will allow you to pick your aircraft, location and weather in a simple user friendly manner before loading the scenery and speeds up creating a flight enormously. The next update to X-Plane (10.10) will fix this user complaint and add many other features.

The X-Plane developers are listening to users and third party developers to make X-Plane the best simulator on the market.

A further update in progress will release World Editor 2 giving the flight sim community a simple to use drag and drop tool for creating airports. A user can look at a plan of their local airport and build a replica with the correct building types in the correct location on a top down view live in the sim using drag and drop technology.

Hangars automatically position with doors facing airside. A multi-storey car park is simply dragged out of the ground to make it as many storeys high as the real car park. Does your terminal have a different style of windows, simply swap them over using the interface. Although not the same as a custom third party airport package with photo textures of the exact buildings, the library objects give a close approximation of the real thing.

As the buildings are library objects, a simple text file is generated to control the placement and the created airports will then be shared. Every time you update, your world airports will be populated with replicas. These will be closer to the real thing than having random generation of airport autogen and the building are truly three dimensional. Features like windows and doors are really 3D, not just textures on boxes.

While waiting for these updates, check what you are missing and see the quality of X-Plane 10 in action when even using the currently available add-on packages and even airports imported from FSX packages. This video shows just how good X-Plane 10 can be. The Youtube page lists the scenery and add-ons used.


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  1. Lynne says:

    I am a Head teacher and use X-Plane to teach. Pupils learn what countries are where, what they look like and their size. They are more enthused to study facts about the countries they fly over . They learn Arithmetic to calculate flying distances, times, fuel requirements and weights. They learn Navigation which is also useful for Sailing and Fell walking. Meteorology is also useful in many other spheres of life.
    Of course they also learn some flying skills and practice calm problem solving in Emergencies. (We then teach first aid and survival skills!). A few pupils enjoy designing their own aircraft. Altogether this has been one of the most successful teaching aids in our school. I recommend it to all other teachers.

  2. Dave Cheetham says:

    Thank you for your great comment Lynne. Flight simulation is a great aid to teaching as you rightly say. It embraces so many different skill sets to do it properly and as most flight simmers would agree, it is a hobby that is based on acumulating knowledge to improve one’s own ability. It certainly beats shooting people and stealing cars which the mainstream “computer game” enthusiasts prefer.

  3. Dermot Hallahan says:

    That is excellent news Lynne. I do know that Microsoft 2004 was embraced by many schools in the US about 10 years ago with excellent results in the extra knowledge that pupils gained. It also apparently turned a lot of kids away from the shoot ‘em up games over there.

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