iFly737 for Prepar3D

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Flight1 and the iFly Development Team are pleased to announce the release of the iFly 737NG Series for Lockheed Martin Prepar3D.

For those that are interested in purchasing this product, the ecommerce wrapper can be found at http://files.100megabyte.com/ifly/iFly-737NG-P3D.exe
A full product page will be published within the next 24hrs.

The full Prepar3D version is available for $54.95, or if you already have the FSX download edition, you can download an upgrade coupon here for $19.95.

A coupon for FSX DVD owners will follow shortly. 

The software is based on the current FSX Version 1.02 which will in time be upgraded with the feature pack currently under development for FSX and FS9. The software is compatible with P3D version 1.2 and version 1.3.

Unfortunately, there isn’t an upgrade coupon for FS9 Users.

This upgrade is not licensed for use with the iFlyPRO Cockpit Builders Edition. For a version of the Pro software for P3D, please make an application to Flight1tech. This is to prevent the software being used being in breach of the license for Commercial use. Each application is based on merit and planned use of the software.
Flight1 Tech’s support for Commercial customers is completely different to the way entertainment products are supported – with site visits and installs being done as part of a full package based on client needs.

4 Responses for “iFly737 for Prepar3D”

  1. Fabrice Smet says:

    Hello ,
    i have the 737NG from ifly on box ,
    when an update for P3D v2 will be released ?

  2. Dave Cheetham says:

    You need to register on the iFly support forum for any updates and news about the iFly 737NG.

  3. Mario says:

    Hi, I’ve already iFly737NG CBE for Prepar3d as I’ve sent already the signed document to engage the use only for personal purposes, but when I install it in Prepar3d 2A Academic, i don’t see the airplane in the list ?, Is it intended to work ONLY with the pro version of Prepar3d or can work also with the academic ?

    Remember that is ONLY for personal user

  4. Dave Cheetham says:

    We cannot answer support questions for iFly products here. You need to register on the iFly support forum for any technical support about the iFly 737NG.

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